Sunday, 17 January 2010

It's nearly the end!

Well, well, well...what a week it has been!

I have successfully managed (to my surprise) to navigate my way through the week without the aid of facebook, my once primary source of social information!

In 2 and 1/2 hrs time, i'll be logging in again to officially end my week of abstinence (and to see how much my flatmates have abused my page in my absence).

Then this week I'll be editing the audio blog into a sweet 15min piece (well, near enough) to air as part of my FIRST EVER show called The Third Degree which will be on at 3pm on Sunday. It'll then be followed by 45mins of chill-out 'choons' because im a firm believer in Sunday relaxation! Im hoping to prick your ears a little that show though as all the songs will be from well known adverts and ill be asking you to 'name that advert!' If your good enough there may even be a little prize in it for you!

Please give me some feedback on the show as I'd love to hear what you think as i aim to please...whayyy! But be nice kids, remember it is my first documentary and show so it aint gonna be no gold standard ya get me...

Also, please use this space to air your views about this growing social networking era that we live in as I think it makes for good conversation yes? I can then talk about your ideas to sum up the challenge on the following weeks show.

My next challenge will be a week of veganism so again get in touch if you have any tips or inside info as I think I'll be needing all the help I can get for that one! It seems as if being a vegan isnt just about the food you eat. It covers all aspects of your life from the clothes you wear to the products you wash your bits with!

Once more, if you want to know how I got on this week, then tune in at 3pm on Sunday.

Over and out lovers,

Coco x


  1. Just noticed the cardinal sin grammatical error of using ''your'' instead of ''you're''. So, sincere apologies for all you fellow haters of that brutal mistake. x

  2. Thanks so much for apologising for that, whilst reading I did become somewhat offended by your obvious lack of respect for our native tongue. That aside, (and commenting this feels slightly strange as we call eachother more than once a day) I, too, have been thinking much the same when it comes to the day to day relying/depending on facebook. Since when did it become normal to temporarily fall in love, and have the ability to find out what the perfect date would be to take them on? whatever happened to getting to know people without the aid of the internet, and without knowing all the answers already. Prey tell me, however, why we all subject ourselevs to this willingly, and fill in the "information" section every time...!!