Sunday, 14 February 2010

My Name is Coco and I'm a Vegan

The time has come where I'm going to become a vegan for a week!

To jazz things up a little, i'll be embarking on this endeavour with my flatmate Matt, who is a self-confessed meat-a-tarian...lets put things into perspective...he eats steak for breakfast. I am also an avid meat eater and actually couldnt imagine a life without it

This week however, we'll be living an animal product free life. Nothing. Nada. Nein. We want to see, why is it that Vegans do what they do & can it really make a change to your daily life?

We'll be voice blogging our experiences to make a little documentary which will then be aired on The Third Degree at 3am on a Sunday some time in the not-to-distant future!

If you have any suggestions, hints & tips or if you fancy a little discussion about veganism then hit me up using the comment section below!

Wish us luck!!!

Coco (and Matt) x

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