Sunday, 14 February 2010

Tracklist for Sunday 31st Jan

All right ghetto supastars!!!

Apologies for the lack of update on this here blog, I've been a very busy bee recently because belive it or not, at Uni you have to do work! :O Shock horror I know, but as an English student I've had my nose firmly in a book for the past couple of weeks (oh and been to amsterdam....). Only to add to my woes, I also managed to spill a pint of water on my poor laptop so subsequently I have been removed from the world & plunged into turmoil as the laptop is now rather kapput. However it's gone to laptop hospital so I should be back on track by next week!! (Oh if you're wondering how I'm communicating this info now, you can thank the library computer room, a place of joy & fresh air!!....or not.)

Anyway, here's the tracklist for the show that went out on Sunday 31st January, it was all about smiles & happiness! :)

Artist - Song name - website

1. Bob Marley - Don't Worry, Be Happy
2. Those Dancing Days - Those Dancing Days - days
3. Gnarlz Barkley - Smiley Faces
4. Telepopmusik - Smile -
- Vocals by Angela McCluskey -
5. Staple Singers - Mr Big Stuff

Ciao for now!

Coco x

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